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Takadanobaba Yabusame (Horseback archery)

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Takadanobaba Yabusame (Horseback archery)

Source: The Shinjuku Foundation for Creation of Future

A traditional event held annually in the park in Shinjuku “Yabusame” (Horseback archery)

The cancellation of the event was announced.

“Takadanobaba Yabusame” will be held at Toyama Park on October 14, 2019.
“Takadanobaba Yabusame” started in 1728 when the eighth Shogun Yoshimune TOKUGAWA wishes to recover the disease of the successor.
This event was suspended since the Meiji era, but it was resumed in 1964 and now it has been designated as an Intangible Folk Cultural Property by Shinjuku.

The archer gets on a running horse and shoots arrows towards three targets.
Please enjoy a powerful traditional event.



Event Name Takadanobaba Yabusame (Horseback archery)
Venue Toyama Park (Mount Hakone district)
Dates October 14, 2019
Note In case of a bad riding ground, the event will be canceled.
Open Hours 14:00 – 15:30
Admission Free (Standing only)
Address 2-7 Toyama, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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