Experience making “Wagashi” at a long-standing shop

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“Wagashi” (Japanese Sweets) shop appearing in a very famous movie series in Japan

Katsushika / Shibamata is a city that is popular as a sightseeing spot where traditional townscapes remain. Shibamata was made famous especially in the movie “Otoko wa Tsurai yo” (It’s tough being a man) series. Takagiya is a famous Wagashi shop used for the movies, and you can experience making Japanese sweets there.

© GinCul

© GinCul

Takagiya is a long-standing Wagashi shop that has been serving Japanese sweets for visitors and tourists from the early Meiji era. Even now, more than 100 years since its establishment, Takagiya continues to make Japanese sweets in the same way as then.

Image of experience © GinCul

■ Experience Program  *Making “Wagashi” (40 mins) & Tasting (20 mins)

・ Making ”Nerikiri”

・ Making ”Dango”

“Nerikiri” © GinCul

“Nerikiri” is a “Wagashi” made from White bean paste. This sweet is made with four seasonings and flour. You can get a feel for the seasonings from the appearance. You will make a Nerikiri with a flower motif matching the season.

*Nerikiri – A sweet delicacy that you will enjoy with Matcha in a tea ceremony. The presentation of Nerikiri changes with the four seasons throughout the year.

“Dango” © GinCul

“Dango” has the same characteristics as dumplings. It is made using raw fresh powder which cannot be compared to others. you will make them using skewers.

*Dango – A traditional sweet made mainly from rice flour. The treat is finished by rolling the dango into balls and placing them on skewers. They are enjoyed at home as a snack or dessert. Sometimes you will see dango being made at cherry blossom festivals or new years events.

*Anko – A treat made from sweet red beans. Anko is used in many Japanese sweets.

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You can eat Japanese sweets you made with “Matcha” and “Sencha” (green tea) inside the shop.


Event Name Experience making “Wagashi” at a long-standing shop
Venue Takagiya (Wagashi shop)
Dates December 15, 2016 – >>>
Note *Advance reservation is required.
*All reservations are only received through GinCul.
*Up to 25 people can join.
Open Hours 10:00 – 16:00
(Last reservation until 15:00)
Admission Adults : 4,000 yen
*Elementary school students and under 500 yen.
*Up to 2 children can participate per adult.
*Children below elementary school can not participate without guardian’s attendance.
Address 7-7-4 Shibamata Katsushika-ku Tokyo
Contact 03-6278-7410 (GinCul)

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