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Hanazono Shrine “Tori no Ichi” Festival

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Hanazono Shrine Otori-sai (Tori no Ichi Festival)

Source: Hanazono Shrine

The festival is crowded with people seeking “Kumade” (bamboo rake) of prosperous business

There are no stalls selling other than “Kumade” (bamboo rake) this year.

In annual event “Tori no Ichi” Festival (The Cock Fair) is continued from the Edo era that opens every year in November. Many people visit to purchase “Kumade” (bamboo rake) which is an item to fulfill the wishes of the prosperous business.
In 2020, it will be held three times, November 2, 14 and 26.

Hanazono Shrine Otori-sai (Tori no Ichi Festival)

Source: Hanazono Shrine

“Tori no Ichi” at Hanazono Shrine began in the Meiji era and now it is called “Three Major Tori no Ichi of Kanto” with Ootori Jinja Shrine in Asakusa and Okunitama Jinja Shrine in Fuchu. About 600 thousand people visit each year, it is a feature of autumn in Tokyo.

Hanazono Shrine Otori-sai (Tori no Ichi Festival)

Source: Hanazono Shrine

In the precincts where a lot of dedication lanterns illuminate, about 60 stalls selling “Kumade”, which is a lucky charm of prosperous business, are lined up and you can hear cheerful call from here and there. In addition, more than 200 stalls such as food and games appear in the vicinity of the shrine, and the festival is excited.

“Kumade” is a common practice to buy a bigger one than the previous year, the people will buy a bigger “Kumade” the next year in accordance with the the expanding business. Therefore, when you buy “Kumade” first time, it’s better to choose rather affordable size than big size. We often see that many people are walking aloft “Kumade”, because it is said to be able to collect more fortune in doing so.


Event Name Hanazono Shrine Otori-sai (Tori no Ichi Festival)
Venue Hanazono Shrine
Dates November 25, 2020 – November 26, 2020
Note “Tori no Ichi” held schedule in 2020
【Ichi no Tori】Eve: November 1 / Main Festival: November 2
【Ni no Tori】 Eve: November 13 / Main Festival: November 14
【San no Tori】 Eve: November 25 / Main Festival: November 26
Open Hours 【Eve】
Around evening – 22:00
【Main Festival】
Around noon – 22:00
Admission Free
Pay for food/drink & product sales at the venue.
Address 5-17-3 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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