≪Autumn Leaves Viewing Spot≫ Tonogayato Gardens

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≪Autumn Foliage Spots≫ Tonogayato Gardens

Tonogayato Gardens making use of natural landform skillfully

From the second to fourth years of the Taisho Period, this garden was created as part of the grounds for a residence for the Vice-President of the Manchurian Railway, Eguchi Teijo. It was designed and built by a landscape gardening organization located in Akasaka called “Sengoku.”
The garden is located on the southern edge of the Kokubunji rift line. The natural flora in the Musashi plateau and the cliff-like rift area are well protected. The Kokubunji rift line has been supplying spring water for a long time and the spring water in the garden is designated as the 57 best springs by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

≪Autumn Foliage Spots≫ Tonogayato Gardens

©Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

≪Autumn Foliage Spots≫ Tonogayato Gardens

There are about 200 Japanese maple trees in the garden, especially the maple surrounding Jiro Benten Pond is worth seeing.


Event Name ≪Autumn Leaves Viewing Spot≫ Tonogayato Gardens
Venue Tonogayato Gardens
Dates Around mid-November – Around early December *Average year
Open Hours 9:00 – 17:00
*Last admission until 16:30.
Admission General 150 yen
65 years of age or older 70 yen
*No charge for primary school children or younger, and junior high school students living or attending school in Tokyo.
Free Wi-Fi Service Center (Admission ticket counter)
How to use
Address 2-16 Minami-machi, Kokubunji-shi, Tokyo
Contact 042-324-7991

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