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Tokyo Big Bon Odori Festival

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Tokyo Big Bon Odori Festival

A global community event “Tokyo Big Bon Odori Festival” that anyone can participate in

“Tokyo Big Bon Odori Festival” will be held at Komazawa Olympic Park on August 31 and September 1, 2019.
This is a global community event that aims to create a new and open Bon Odori, not a traditional Bon Odori in a limited community.
“Tokyo Big Bon Odori Festival” is packed with contents that can be enjoyed both day and night, including traditional Bon Odori, Bon festival dances that add a sense of new Tokyo culture, music, sports and food.


Event Name Tokyo Big Bon Odori Festival
Venue Komazawa Olympic Park Plaza
Dates August 31, 2019 – September 1, 2019
Note *In the case of stormy weather, it may be time change or cancellation.
Open Hours 11:00 – 20:00
<Bon Odori> 17:30- (planned)
Admission Admission Free
Pay for drink/food in the venue.
Address 1-1 Komazawa Park Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

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