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The Sophisticated Women and Men of Edo as Seen in their Kimonos and Accessories

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Uchikake (Highly formal kimono for women) *Late Edo period

Approximately 200 items of kimono and accessories from the Edo period to the Taisho era are exhibited

Between the Edo period and Taisho era, people who live in cities such as Edo (Tokyo), Kyoto and Osaka are not only used kimono and accessory on a daily basis, but also are required for their individuality and innovation, sophisticated many works were produced.

Works of that period, produced with various designs, materials and techniques, receive a fresh impression even in modern times.

It is exhibited mainly on beautiful textile products which were collected by bag merchant Nakamura Kiyoshi (1887-1946), which were made from the Edo period to the Taisho era.

Furisode (Formal long-sleeve kimono for women) *Late Edo period – early Meiji period

Jinbaori (Men’s coat) *Late Edo period

In addition to women’s and men’s kimono, about 200 items including Accessories are exhibited. Through them, you can know the aesthetic sense of people’s dress at the time.

Hakoseko (Small goods case for women) *Late Edo period

Mamori kinchaku (Pouch to put in amulets) *The end of the Meiji era to the Taisho era


Event Name The Sophisticated Women and Men of Edo as Seen in their Kimonos and Accessories
Venue Tobacco and Salt Museum
Dates April 22, 2017 – July 2, 2017
Note 【Closed】 Mondays
*When a national holiday or a substitute holiday falls on a Monday, the museum is open as usual, and closed on the following day instead.
Open Hours 10:00 – 18:00
*Last admission is until 30 minutes before closing.
Admission General (Adults and university students) : 100 yen
Children and pupils of primary, juniorhigh, and high schools : 50 yen
Visitors over 65 years old with age certificate : 50 yen
*With disability certificate, free admission for disabled persons and one accompanying attendant.
Address 1-16-3, Yokokawa, Sumida-ku TOKYO
Contact 03-3622-8801

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