≪Autumn Leaves Viewing Spot≫ Mukojima-Hyakkaen Gardens

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≪Famous Autumn Foliage Spots≫ Mukojima-Hyakkaen Gardens

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You can enjoy the plants which bloom in fall along with the autumn foliage

During the period from 1804 to 1830 when the cultural aspects of townspeople of Edo began to thrive, Sahara Kiku-u, a wealthy dealer in antiques, established a garden for enjoying flowers in bloom with the help of other aficionados of the arts. One theory has it that the name “Hyakkaen” was chosen to mean “a garden with a hundred flowers that bloom throughout the four seasons”.
Mukojima-Hyakkaen Garden has a beauty different from that of the Daimyo gardens such as Koishikawa Korakuen Garden and Rikugien Garden, as a garden featuring a natural and rich culture made by first class cultural people at the time.

The autumn leaves of plum representative of this garden begin in the middle of November, leaves such as wax tree, cherry, ginkgo and Japanese maple will also follow it. In addition to autumn leaves, you can enjoy flowers blooming in autumn such as sasanqua.


Event Name ≪Autumn Leaves Viewing Spot≫ Mukojima-Hyakkaen Gardens
Venue Mukojima-Hyakkaen Gardens
Dates Around mid-November – Around early December *Average year
Open Hours 9:00 – 17:00
*Last admission until 16:30.
Admission General 150 yen
65 years of age or older 70 yen
*No charge for primary school children or younger, and junior high school students living or attending school in Tokyo.
Free Wi-Fi Service Center (Admission ticket counter)
How to use
Address 3-18-3 Higashi-Mukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Contact 03-3611-8705

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