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Mitama Matsuri (Yasukuni Jinja Shrine)

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Yasukuni Shrine

Source: Yasukuni Jinja Shrine

More than 30,000 lanterns that color the precincts are worth seeing

“Mitama Matsuri” began as a festival to comfort the spirits devoted their precious lives for the country. And now, about 300 thousand visitors come and it is known as the summer tradition of Tokyo. More than 30,000 lanterns are raised in the precincts, and the night sky is beautifully colored. During the festival period, votive entertainment such as Aomori Nebuta is held, and you can participate in the earliest Bon Odori in Tokyo.


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Event Name Mitama Matsuri (Yasukuni Jinja Shrine)
Venue Yasukuni Shrine
Dates July 13, 2017 – July 16, 2017
Note There are no stalls.
Drinking party in the precincts, use of drone is prohibited.
Open Hours Mitama Matsuri Night festival 18:00 –
Admission Free
Address 3-1-1 Kudankita Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Contact 03-3261-8326

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