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UTAGAWA Kuniyoshi “His Pictorial Eloquence in the 21st Century”

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≪Princess Takiyasha Calling up a Monstrous Skeleton Specter at the Old Palace in Soma≫ *Exhibited in the 2nd term

Explore modeling skills and aesthetic sense hidden in Kuniyoshi’s works

This is an exhibition of works by the late Edo period, i.e. nineteenth century, ukiyo-e artist UTAGAWA Kuniyoshi. Works by Kuniyoshi have proved very popular not only in Japan but also in Europe and America in recent years. The true worth of Kuniyoshi lies in a world different from conventional features of “Japanese beauty” such as serenity, lingering effects, and refinement and the time has finally come for many people to appreciate such charms.

Kuniyoshi was an artisan who handled ukiyo-e as a commodity.

≪Saito Oniwaka-maru, the young Benkei, fighting the carp in the water≫ *Exhibited in the 2nd term

This exhibition begins by examining what sort of work he dealt with and surveying various aspects of his oeuvre. It then considers what it is that is captivating so many people’s hearts nowadays by exploring the brilliant imagination and methods with which he created beautiful things, cute things, or spectacular scenes and his love for cats.

Altogether 240 or so works will be shown in two sessions.

≪Singing “Bonbon” Song≫ *Exhibited in the 1st term


Event Name UTAGAWA Kuniyoshi “His Pictorial Eloquence in the 21st Century”
Venue Fuchu Art Museum
Dates March 11, 2017 – May 7, 2017
Note 【closed】 Monday (excluding March 20 and May 1), March 21
*All works exhibited in the first and second term will be changed.
1st Term : March 11 – April 9
2nd Term : April 11 – May 7
*There are no explanations for the individual works in English, but an English brochure providing commentaries on the fourteen themes and translations of the titles of the individual works will be available.
*Your purchase of an admission ticket comes with a half-price coupon for your second visit.
Open Hours 10:00 – 17:00
*Last admission until 16:30.
Admission Adults : 700 yen
University and High school students : 350 yen
Junior high and Elementary school students : 150 yen
*Free admission for pre-school children.
*Free admission for person with disability certificate.
Address 1-3 Sengencho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo
Contact 042-336-3371

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