≪Hatsumode Spot≫ Jindaiji Temple

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≪Hatsumode Spot≫ Jindaiji Temple

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Jindaiji Temple with a history of 1,300 years is famous for the divine favor of matchmaking (marriage)

【Number of visitors on January 1st – 3rd】About 200,000 people

【Divine Favor】matchmaking (marriage), warding off evil

It has a history of 1,300 years, and it is a temple which is the second oldest temple next to Asakusa Temple in Tokyo.

In Jindaiji Temple it has been making soba noodles since ancient times, in the Tokugawa period was also presented to shoguns and others, and continues to be loved by many visitors today.

In addition, the around Jindaiji Temple, which has lush greenery that retains the traces of Musashino, is also popular as a walking spot, with 1.3 million visitors a year. It is famous as a temple of the divine favor of matchmaking (marriage) from the fact that a romantic love story is written in “Engi Emaki (Picture Scroll)”.


Event Name ≪Popular spots of the first prayer of the new year≫ Jindaiji Temple
Venue Jindaiji Temple
Dates December 31, 2020 – February 3, 2021
Open Hours ≪Opening time≫
【December 31】 6:00-
【January 1】 0:00-20:30
【January 2-3】 6:00-19:30
【January 4-5】 6:00-17:30
【January 6 and later】 6:00-17:00
≪Good luck charm sales time≫
【December 31】 9:00-
【January 1】 0:00-20:30
【January 2-3】 7:00-19:30
【January 4-5】 8:30-17:30
【January 6 and later】 9:30-16:30
Address 5-15-1 Jindaijimotomachi Chofu-shi, Tokyo

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