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Spring Festival sumo wrestling tournament 2018 (Yasukuni Jinja Shrine)

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Spring Festival sumo wrestling tournament (Yasukuni Jinja Shrine)

© Yasukuni Jinja Shrine

“Honozumo” (Ceremonial Sumo Tournament) which can see the match of 200 wrestlers up close

The annual Ceremonial Sumo Tournament which continues from 1869 is held on 16th April.

Yasukuni Jinja Shrine has a permanent Sumo Ring, and in 1917 November when the Ryogoku Kokugikan was destroyed by fire, the Grand Sumo Tournament of 1917 and the following year was held at the Yasukuni Jinja Shrine’s Sumo Ring. A total of 200 sumo wrestlers will appear, including Yokozuna, in Ceremonial Sumo Tournament performed at historic Ring.

In addition to matches, “Sumo Jinku” (sumo-themed song) and “Shokkiri” (A show to introduce prohibited techniques in sumo wrestling) with less opportunity to see are also performed.


Event Name Spring Festival sumo wrestling tournament 2018
Venue Yasukuni Jinja Shrine
Dates April 16, 2018
Note *First-come first-served basis 6,000 people can enter. (There is a possibility of entry restriction)
*The matches will start from 10:40.
Open Hours 9:00 – 15:00
*Scheduled to be open around 8:30
Admission Admission Free
Address 3-1-1 Kudankita Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Contact 03-3261-8326

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