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Hagoromo Nebuta Festival

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Hagoromo Nebuta Festival

Source : Higashi Tachikawa shopping street promotion association

Aomori Kuroishi Neputa’s warrior dolls will appear in the Hagoromo Nebuta Festival

Event cancellation announced

“Hagoromo Nebuta Festival” will be held every year in the middle of August for 3 days at Higashi Tachikawa Shopping Street.
At the Hagoromo Nebuta Festival, in addition to Nebuta made in Hagoromo, “Ningyo Nebuta” (warrior dolls) actually used at Kuroishi Neputa Festival in Aomori will appear.
Kuroishi Neputa’s “Ningyo Nebuta” is smaller than those of Aomori and Hirosaki, but leaves the traditional shape, and the splendid decoration is spectacular.
In the festival, in addition to “Kuroishi Yosare” that is traditional dance in Kuroishi, Yosakoi Soran dance and Japanese drums are also performed.


Event Name Hagoromo Nebuta Festival
Venue Higashi Tachikawa Shopping Street
Dates Mid-August 2020 – Mid-August 2020
Admission Free
Address 2-5-10 Hagoromocho Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo

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