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Hachioji Fireworks Festival

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Hachioji Fireworks Festival

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View up close the fireworks to be launched in the baseball stadium

The fireworks festival to be held as part of the Hachioji Festival, you can enjoy the fireworks launched in the Hachioji Municipal Stadium (Daiwa House Stadium Hachioji) in close range. The number of fireworks to be launched is about 3,500. It is worth seeing “Starmine” and the closing set fireworks.


Event Name Hachioji Fireworks Festival
Venue Daiwa House Stadium Hachioji (in Fujimori Park)
Dates July 28, 2018
Note *Cancel in case of stormy weather.
*Daiwa House Stadium Hachioji is opened at 14:00 and the entrance is closed when crowded. Fireworks are sufficiently visible in the surroundings, but those who wish to watch fireworks inside the stadium are encouraged to go to the venue early.
Open Hours 19:00 – 20:30
Admission Free
Address 2-2 Daimachi Hachioji-shi, Tokyo (in Fujimori Park)

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