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Adachi Fireworks Festival

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Adachi Fireworks Festival

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The first of the summer fireworks to be held in Tokyo “Adachi Fireworks”

The fireworks festival which colors the summer night sky in Tokyo begins with this “Adachi fireworks”. About 13,600 fireworks are launched intensively in one hour, so you can enjoy powerful fireworks.
At Arakawa Riverbed of the venue, you can watch fireworks on the bank slope without disturbing visibility. Fireworks are launched at the riverbed on the Senju side, but the Nishiarai side have wide banks and you can enjoy the fireworks relaxedly.


Event Name Adachi Fireworks Festival
Venue Arakawa riverbed (Between Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line railway bridge – Nishiarai Bridge)
Dates July 21, 2018
Note *In the case of stormy weather may be canceled.
Open Hours 19:30 – 20:30
Admission Free
*Tickets for reserved seats are on sale. (Japanese only)
Address Senju, Okawa-cho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo

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