Base taxi fares were lowered to 410 yen in Tokyo! It became easier to use taxis even in the short distance

It is said that taxi fares in Japan are expensive. In fact, compared to other countries, it is quite expensive that the base taxi fares are 730 yen (up to 2 kilometers).

Transport networks such as trains and buses are stretched in Tokyo, and it is rare that you are in trouble to move. However, there are opportunities to use a taxi, such as when you can not get on the last train, when you do not know the way to the destination, when you have heavy luggage.

In the case of long distances, walking is impossible, so people can use a taxi without hesitation. However, when using a taxi at a short distance, there are many people who feel that the charge of 730 yen is expensive.

In order to make taxi easier to use even in the short distance, base taxi fare in Tokyo was drastically cut down on January 30, 2017.

The basic charge for taxi ride in Tokyo’s 23 wards and Musashino city and Mitaka city was revised to 410 yen (up to 1.052 kilometers). If you take a taxi to 2 kilometers, it will be 730 yen, which is the same amount as the current basic charge. If the boarding distance is about 2 kilometers to about 6.5 kilometers, it may be higher or lower than the current rate. Also, if it is about 6.5 kilometers or more, it will be higher than the current rate.

In this rate revision, price cuts only when you use a taxi on a nearby ride.

Anyway, there is no doubt that taxis will be more accessible, so let’s make good use of it.

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