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Iriya Asagao Matsuri (Morning Glory Festival)

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Iriya Asagao Matsuri

Source: Taito-ku

Summer festival where 400,000 people visit in 3 days

“Iriya Asagao Matsuri” (Morning Glory Festival) is Japan’s largest morning glory market to be held for three days from 6th to 8th July.

In this festival, 60 morning glory shops and 80 stalls line up around Iriya Kishimojin and Kototoi street, and about 400,000 people visit each year.
It is a festival that tells the culture of Iriya’s morning glory that was widely known since the Edo period.


Event Name Iriya Asagao Matsuri (Morning Glory Festival)
Venue Around Iriya Kishimojin
Dates July 6, 2017 – July 8, 2017
Note Pedestrian street: 17:00-21:30 (July 8th from 12:00-21:30)
Open Hours Around 6:00 – 23:00
Admission Free
Address 1-12-16 Shitaya Taito-ku, Tokyo
Contact 03-3841-1800 Iriya Asagao Executive Committee

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