≪Cherry Blossom Spots≫ Yoyogi Park

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“Central Square”

An urban oasis where you can sit on the lawn and relax and enjoy the cherry-blossom viewing

It is expected that the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom about 10 days earlier than usual.

Please refrain from cherry blossom parties to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infections.

Yoyogi Park is the fifth largest urban park in Tokyo. It is separated by a road into two sections: the forest park A section and the contrasting B section with stadium, outdoor stage, and other facilities.

The site was once a military parade ground. After the war, it was used as the Washington Heights U.S. army barracks and the Olympic village for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics before being opened as a park.

“Cherry Blossom Garden”

The cherry-blossom viewing spots are dotted in a large park.

Especially, in the “Cherry Blossom Garden” near the Shibuya gate, cherry trees stretching branches bloom enough to cover our heads. Also, the “Central Square” is a place recommended for those who want to spend relaxingly as there are many cherry blossoms and spacious.

You can enjoy cherry-blossom viewing regardless of the situation, even for a single person or a group with a large number of people.


Event Name ≪Cherry Blossom Spots≫ Yoyogi Park
Venue Yoyogi Park
Dates Around late March – Around early April ※Average year
Open Hours 24 hours open
Admission Admission Free
Free Wi-Fi Service Center (Near the west gate)

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Address 2-1 Yoyogi-Kamizono-cho Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Contact 03-3469-6081

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