≪Cherry Blossom Spots≫ Yoyogi Park

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“Central Square”

An urban oasis where you can sit on the lawn and relax and enjoy the cherry-blossom viewing

Yoyogi Park is the fifth largest urban park in Tokyo. It is separated by a road into two sections: the forest park A section and the contrasting B section with stadium, outdoor stage, and other facilities.

The site was once a military parade ground. After the war, it was used as the Washington Heights U.S. army barracks and the Olympic village for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics before being opened as a park.

“Cherry Blossom Garden”

The cherry-blossom viewing spots are dotted in a large park.

Especially, in the “Cherry Blossom Garden” near the Shibuya gate, cherry trees stretching branches bloom enough to cover our heads. Also, the “Central Square” is a place recommended for those who want to spend relaxingly as there are many cherry blossoms and spacious.

You can enjoy cherry-blossom viewing regardless of the situation, even for a single person or a group with a large number of people.


Event Name ≪Cherry Blossom Spots≫ Yoyogi Park
Venue Yoyogi Park
Dates Around late March – Around early April ※Average year
Open Hours 24 hours open
Admission Admission Free
Free Wi-Fi Service Center (Near the west gate)

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Address 2-1 Yoyogi-Kamizono-cho Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Contact 03-3469-6081

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