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Mt. Takao Beer Mount

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Beer garden boasting a view from 500 meters above sea level that attracts popularity every year

Mt. Takao has been listed on the Michelin guide, and 2.6 million hikers visit during the year. An annual limited-time beer garden “Mt. Takao Beer Mount” opens near the cable car Takaosan Station which is 500 meters above sea level.

You can enjoy meals and drinks in the unique views of Mt. Takao, such as “Terrace” overlooking the night view, “Garden” surrounded by trees.
In the daytime, if you stop by this beer garden after enjoying hiking, beer will be more delicious. During the period of “Mt. Takao Beer Mount”, the operation time of the cable car will be extended to 21:15. Please take the cable car when you go down the mountain after drinking or sunset.


Event Name Mt. Takao Beer Mount
Venue Mt. Takao Beer Mount
Dates June 15, 2018 – October 15, 2018
Note *In case of stormy weather may be closed.
*As temperature changes easily in mountains, you should bring something to put on.
Open Hours 13:00 – 21:00
Admission 【2-hour All-You-Can-Eat and Drink】
Adult men 3,800 yen
Adult women 3,600 yen
Men over 65 years old 3,500 yen
Women over 65 years old 3,300 yen
High school students 3,300 yen
Junior high school students 2,500 yen
Elementary school students 1,500 yen
Infants 500 yen
【Extra charge (added after every 30 minutes if it exceeds 2 hours)】
Weekday 500 yen
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 1,000 yen
Address 2205 Takao-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
Contact 042-665-9943(10:00 – 17:00)

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