≪Cherry Blossom Spots≫ Sumida Park

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© Tokyo Convention&Visitors Bureau *Cherry blossoms and TOKYO SKYTREE from the park on Taito Ward side.

You can see TOKYO SKYTREE with cherry blossoms in full bloom that will color both banks of the Sumida River

It is expected that the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom about 10 days earlier than usual.

Cancellation of Sakura Festival has been announced.

Sumida park along the Sumida River is divided into two with the river as the boundary, the right bank is Taito and the left bank is Sumida. Cherry blossoms bloom for 1 kilometer on both sides of the Sumida River, and during that time it is crowded with many visitors.

*Cherry blossoms and TOKYO SKYTREE from the park on Sumida Ward side.

From the Taito Ward side you can see the TOKYO SKYTREE and the cherry blossoms over the Sumida River, and from the side of Sumida Ward there are nearby TOKYO SKYTREE and cherry blossoms.

In each park, the cherry blossom festival is held from late March to early April according to the best time of cherry blossoms. During this time, cherry blossoms are lighted up at night, and you can enjoy them with the special lighting of TOKYO SKYTREE for the cherry blossom season.


Event Name ≪Cherry Blossom Spots≫ Sumida Park
Venue Sumida Park
Dates Around late March – Around early April ※Average year
Open Hours 24 hours open
Admission Admission Free
Pay for food/drink and product sales at the venue.
Address 7-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

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