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Summer Kira-Kira Fireworks in Water

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Summer Kira-Kira Fireworks in Water

Source: Sumida Aquarium

Collaboration between Penguin and summer tradition “fireworks” in water

The collaboration between penguin and video that is a popular event of the Sumida aquarium. Now is introducing with “fireworks” which is essential in the summer. You will be healed in cute appearance of penguins that vividly swim with chasing to fireworks.


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Event Name Summer Kira-Kira Fireworks in Water
Venue Sumida Aquarium in TOKYO SKYTREE Town
Dates July 16, 2016 – September 30, 2016
Note Sumida Aquarium – Operating Hours9:00-21:00
*Admission ends one hour prior to closing time.
*Subject to change due to seasonal factors.
Open Hours 15:00/16:30/18:30/20:00(8 min in each event)
Admission The event is free, but need entrance ticket.
General/Adults ¥ 2,050 High School
Students ¥ 1,500 Junior High
School and
School Students ¥ 1,000 Children
(Aged 3 and over) ¥ 600
*Disabled visitors and one escort are each eligible to receive a 50% discount on general admission fees upon presentation of a Disability Certificate.(Round off to nearest ten.)*Junior high school and high school students are requested to show their student identification at the ticket counter.
Address 5-6F, TOKYO Solamachi
1-1-2 Oshiage Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Contact 03-5619-1821 Sumida Aquarium

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