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Meguro Sanma Matsuri (Saury Festival)

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Meguro Saury Festival

Source: Shinagawa-ku

7,000 “Sanma” (saury) arriving from Miyako in Iwate will be distributed free of charge again this year

The annual “Meguro Sanma Matsuri” will be held on September 8, 2019.
“Meguro Sanma Matsuri” (Saury Festival) associated with the “Meguro no Sanma” famous program of classic Rakugo. It is a famous event in Meguro where about 30,000 people visit every year. 7,000 saury arriving from Miyako in Iwate will be distributed free of charge, and a lot of people will line up in order to get the seasonal taste.

Meguro Saury Festival

Source: Shinagawa-ku

“Charcoal-grilled saury” is baked with Bincho charcoal made in Wakayama, and will be served with Tokushima-made Citrus sudachi and Grated radish from Tochigi.
“Meguro no Sanma Yose” where entertainment such as Rakugo can be enjoyed for free, entry tickets are distributed one hour before each opening at the venue. As it is a very popular event, please go to the venue early.


Event Name Meguro Sanma Matsuri (Saury Festival)
Venue Meguro Station Shopping Street (Meguro Station East Exit)
*The venue of the “Meguro no Sanma Yose” is Kami-osaki Special elderly nursing home.
Dates September 8, 2019
Note It may take 3 to 5 hours to receive the baked saury, so please take measures against heat stroke.
Open Hours 【Saury Free distribution】
10:00 – 14:00 (plan)
<Part 1>
Admission tickets distribution 9:00
Open venue 9:30
Open performance 10:00
<Part 2>
Admission tickets distribution 10:30
Open venue 11:00
Open performance 11:30
<Part 3>
Admission tickets distribution 12:00
Open venue 12:30
Open performance 13:00
<Part 4>
Admission tickets distribution 13:30
Open venue 14:00
Open performance 14:30
Admission Saury (charcoal-grilled): free
Yose: Admission free
*Pay for other Food/Drink & Products.
Address 2 – 3 chome Kamiosaki Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

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