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Real BBQ Garden (Tower Records Shibuya)

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Real BBQ Garden (Tower Records Shibuya)

A barbecue and beer garden with selected music will open on the roof of Tower Records Shibuya!

“Real BBQ Garden” will be open for a limited time from April 26 to September 30, 2019, where you can taste authentic barbecue with selected music on the rooftop of Tower Records Shibuya.
“Real BBQ” is popular for enjoying authentic barbecue as an unusual experience easily in the city center. You can enjoy sophisticated music along with a barbecue on the open rooftop of Tower Records Shibuya. At the venue, different genres of music are developed each week.
Depending on the reservation status of the day, you can stop by as a rooftop bar. (No reservation available, no food provided)

Real BBQ Garden (Tower Records Shibuya)


Event Name Real BBQ Garden (Tower Records Shibuya)
Venue The rooftop of Tower Records Shibuya
Dates April 26, 2019 – September 30, 2019
Note Please note that you cannot pay in cash. You can use various credit cards, LINE Pay, PayPay, Apple Pay, QUICPay, Suica, etc.
Open Hours <Weekdays> 18:00-22:00
*Reservations are available 19:30-21:30.
<Weekends and Holidays> 12:00-22:00
*Reservations are available 12:00-14:00, 15:30-17:30, and 19:00-21:00.
*The rooftop bar is 19:00-22:00.
Admission Depends on order
Address 1-22-14 Jinnan Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Contact 050-3187-7775

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