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Nikufes (Meat Festival) TOKYO 2019

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Nikufes (Meat Festival) TOKYO 2019

Food event for meat lovers where popular shops provide various meat dishes

“Nikufes (Meat Festival)” where popular shops gather together with varieties of meat dishes. “Nikufes TOKYO 2019” which is a food event that cumulative total of more than 6.3 million visited so far will be held in Odaiba for 11 days from 26th April to 6th May 2019.
To celebrate the 5th anniversary of this event, the “Kanzaki Aging Beef Katamariyaki” (Kanzaki Jukuseiniku Kakunoshin) that recorded the number one sales for 3 consecutive years will appear again.

Nikufes (Meat Festival) TOKYO 2019

In addition to the popular menu including “Nomeru Hamburg” and “Beef Steak and Grilled Shabu Shabu A4/A5 Saga Beef”, the first appearance shop will appear and you can enjoy the world of the new “Meat Festival”.

Nikufes (Meat Festival) TOKYO 2019
Nikufes (Meat Festival) TOKYO 2019


Event Name Nikufes (Meat Festival) TOKYO 2019
Venue Odaiba Aomi P Area
Dates April 26, 2019 – May 6, 2019
Note Various electronic money can be used, but you cannot refill in the venue, so you need to recharge in advance.
Open Hours 10:00 – 21:00
*12:00-21:00 on 26th April.
*10:00-20:00 on 6th May.
Admission Admission Free (Food and beverage is charged)
Food & Drink tickets, electronic money available
*1 ticket 700 yen (tax included)
Address 1-1-16 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo

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