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Manpaku 2020 (Showa Kinen Park)

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Manpaku 2020 (Showa Kinen Park)

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One of the largest food festivals in the Kanto region “Manpaku” will be held at the Showa Kinen Park

Event cancellation announced

A popular food festival “Manpaku 2020” will be held at the “Green Cultural Zone” of the Showa Kinen Park for 18 days from May 15 to June 1, 2020.
The event name “Manpaku” is named after “Manpuku” (full stomach).
The popular shops gathered from across the country are divided into several genres such as meat, seafood, vegetables, ramen, dumplings and deep-fried foods.


Event Name Manpaku 2020
Venue Showa Kinen Park (Green Cultural Zone)
Dates May 15, 2020 – June 1, 2020
Note *Please go to the venue from the nearest Akebono Entrance.
*Admission may be restricted if it is crowded.
Open Hours 10:30 – 21:00 (planned)
*The last day until 17:00.
Admission <Manpaku 2019>
【Day ticket】
Weekdays : 500 yen
Saturdays and Sundays : 800 yen
【Advance ticket】
Weekdays : 400 yen
Saturdays and Sundays : 700 yen
*Admission free for junior high school students and below.
*Pay for food/drink and product sales at the venue.
Address 3173 Midori-cho Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo

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