Oedo Antique Market (Yoyogi Park Keyaki-Namiki)

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Oedo Antique Market

Source: Oedo Antique Market

Find a bargain in a popular antique market

It is an antique market that started in Tokyo International Forum in 2003, and it has also been held irregularly from 2012 in Yoyogi Park. There are good old items both of Japanese and Western, you can enjoy enough look.
Since about 150 shops will be opened, you might also find favorite products.

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Event Name Oedo Antique Market (Yoyogi Park Keyaki-Namiki)
Venue Yoyogi Park Keyaki-Namiki
Dates February 23, 2020
Note The event will be cancelled in case of rain.
Open Hours 8:00 – 16:00
Admission Admission Free
*Pay for food/drink & product sales at the venue.
Address Jinnan 2 choume,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo

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