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Kita-ku Fireworks Festival

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Kita-ku Fireworks Festival

“Kita-ku Fireworks Festival” which became a big event in fall of Tokyo, is finally held

“Kita-ku Fireworks Festival” which became a popular event in autumn of Tokyo will be held on September 28, 2019. “Kita-ku Fireworks Festival” will celebrate the 8th year of this year, and 8,888 fireworks will be launched.
The theme of Kita-ku Fireworks Festival is “collaboration of music and fireworks”. Since the fireworks which are rhythmically launched will color the autumn night sky, you can enjoy the different taste from summer fireworks display.

Kita-ku Fireworks Festival


Event Name Kita-ku Fireworks Festival
Venue Around Arakawa river bed / Iwabuchi Suimon(water gate)
Dates September 28, 2019
Note *The event will be held in case of rain.
*It will be canceled in case of stormy weather.
Open Hours 18:30 – 19:30
Admission You can watch fireworks for free outside the paid seats.
*You can purchase paid seats tickets on the official website.
Address 5-41-2 Shimo Kita-ku, Tokyo

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