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Sumida Aquarium “Ninagawa Mika x Jellyfish”

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Sumida Aquarium "Ninagawa Mika x Jellyfish"

© Ninagawa Mika

Mysterious and beautiful jellyfish world created by Ninagawa Mika’s work

At Sumida Aquarium, an exhibition “Ninagawa Mika x Jellyfish” will be held, collaborating with Ninagawa Mika who is photographer and film director.

Sumida Aquarium "Ninagawa Mika x Jellyfish"

Jellyfish Kaleidoscope Tunnel (last year situation)
© Sumida Aquarium

“Jellyfish Kaleidoscope Tunnel” is surrounded by about 5,000 mirrors on the wall and ceiling surface, and image works of Ninagawa Mika are projected on 8 jellyfish tanks and walls. You can experience like floating in the mirror with the jellyfish in the tunnel which constantly changes the expression by the floating jellyfish and lighting, aroma, and image. In the day and night the projected image works change, making it a different atmosphere.

Sumida Aquarium "Ninagawa Mika x Jellyfish"

Jellyfish Zone (image) © Sumida Aquarium

Also, aquariums such as large tanks about 4 meters wide and 1.5 meters tall in the Jellyfish Zone are colored with visual works and pictures to create a mysterious and beautiful jellyfish world.


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Event Name Sumida Aquarium “Ninagawa Mika x Jellyfish”
Venue Sumida Aquarium
Dates November 8, 2016 – March 14, 2017
Open Hours 9:00 – 21:00
*Admission ends one hour prior to closing time.
Admission The event is free, but need entrance ticket.
General/Adults ¥ 2,050
High School Students ¥ 1,500
Junior High School and Elementary School Students ¥ 1,000
Children (Aged 3 and over) ¥ 600
*Disabled visitors and one escort are each eligible to receive a 50% discount on general admission fees upon presentation of a Disability Certificate.(Round off to nearest ten.)
*Junior high school and high school students are requested to show their student identification at the ticket counter.
Address 1-1-2 Oshiage Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Contact 03-5619-1821

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