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Chofu Fireworks Festival 2020

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Chofu Fireworks Festival

Chofu fireworks that coloring autumn sky with collaboration of music and fireworks

Event cancellation announced

“Chofu Fireworks Festival” will be held in early September 2020.
Chofu Fireworks Festival is the largest event in Chofu, where about 300,000 people visit. “Hanabi-illusion” that is collaboration of Music and Fireworks are fully synchronous by computer control, is the attraction of Chofu fireworks. Approximately 10,000 shots will be launched in total, including “Starmine” centering on large fireworks with a maximum diameter of about 250 meters.
Please enjoy the splendid fireworks that color the clear autumn night sky.


Event Name Chofu Fireworks Festival 2020
Venue Fuda venue, Keio Tamagawa venue etc.
Dates Early September 2020
Note *In case of stormy weather may be canceled.
Open Hours 18:30 – 19:30
Admission Free
Address Tamagawa riverbed

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