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Kyushu Okinawa produce exhibits

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Kyushu Okinawa produce exhibits

Left “Hakata Ramen Shin Shin”, Right “Black tuna specialty store Kuro/Mon(黒・紋)”

Gourmet and traditional crafts with taking advantage of the goodness of the material have lined up

“Kyushu Okinawa Commodity Exhibition” that have lined up Okinawa and Kyushu specialty products will be held. The most famous specialties such as “Satsumaage (fried fish balls), “Nagasaki Champon (noodle)” and “Karashi Mentaiko (spicy seasoned cod roe)” at the venue.

Kyushu Okinawa produce exhibits

Kumamoto “Aso Torty Kitchen(阿蘇トルティキッチン) Aso Aka Beef Lunch Box(阿蘇あか牛弁当)

Kyushu Okinawa produce exhibits

Saga “So-Gallery Ota(創ギャラリーおおた) Arita-Yaki curry(有田焼カレー)”

In addition, the lunch box that is made by healthy Aso Aka beef, finest brand Saga beef and fresh seafood will be sold.

Kyushu Okinawa produce exhibits

Okinawa “Gushiken Store (具志堅商店) Brown sugar agarasa (黒糖アガラサー)”

Traditional crafts such as Imari-Yaki and coral workmanship also will exhibit. Totally, there are about 80 stores.


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Event Name Kyushu Okinawa produce exhibits
Venue Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku 11F Event venue
Dates September 7, 2016 – September 13, 2016
Open Hours 10:00 – 20:00
The final day until 17:00
Admission Free
Pay for drink/food & products at the venue
Address 1-1-3 Nishishinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tōkyō
Contact 03-3342-1111

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