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Autumn Grand Hokkaido Fair (Keio Department Store Shinjuku)

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autumn Grand Hokkaido Fair

Source: Keio Department Store

Gathered delicious Hokkaido foods in Tokyo

A collection of delicious Hokkaido foods “Autumn Grand Hokkaido Fair” will be held for two weeks.

autumn Grand Hokkaido Fair

Soup curry of Genghis Khan Mongolian BBQ(1490yen)

autumn Grand Hokkaido Fair

Straight uni bowl(3672yen)

In Eat-in corner, foods are provided by popular restaurant of Sapporo, such as “Soup curry (working under one portion, Rice) of Genghis Khan Mongolian BBQ” (1490 yen) is provided by soup curry GARAKU and “Straight uni bowl” (3672 yen) is provided by sushi tokoshu, Keio limited menu will be sold.

autumn Grand Hokkaido Fair

Curry bun of Hokkaido beef 100% hamburger(918yen)

autumn Grand Hokkaido Fair

Bread o chocolate cream(367yen)

In addition, such as “Curry bun of Hokkaido beef 100% hamburger” (918 yen) is provided GRAKUPAN and “Bread o chocolate cream” (367 yen) is provided by Chocolatier Masale, can only be purchased here in the sand gourmet feature of the commodity exhibition.

autumn Grand Hokkaido Fair

Sapporo kataranapampukin(1080yen)

autumn Grand Hokkaido Fair

Hokkaido-limited Kakinotane(1080yen)etc.

In addition, the popular sweets souvenirs of Hokkaido, luxurious lunch box, affordable 999 yen Hokkaido lunch box, etc., the event pack with Hokkaido gourmet.

autumn Grand Hokkaido Fair

Large sum of money deluxe aging meat lunch(2592yen)

autumn Grand Hokkaido Fair

Sinter of wave(2376yen)

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Event Name Autumn Grand Hokkaido Fair (Keio Department Store Shinjuku)
Venue Keio Department Store Shinjuku 7F Event Hall
Dates August 31, 2016 – September 13, 2016
Open Hours 10:00~20:00
9/7 17:00 close
9/13 18:00 close
Admission Free
Pay for drink/food & products at the venue
Address 1-1-4 Nishishinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tōkyō
Contact 03-3342-2111

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